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Why use me?

I am...


I have over 13 years industry experience as well as 4 years educational experience, having graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Graphic Design.



I firmly believe in strengthening our local economy and supporting local business. 


I choose to use only a local printer + suppliers (where possible). Why? Because of the extra support and the fact I know I'll be looked after. Because I know that you, my clients and also other local businesses, would hope for the same – you want local people to use your services/buy your products. 


What I charge you for services, e.g. printing, is exactly the same as what the local printer I use would charge you. I don't add on a percentage for myself as many who use trade printers and send your $$ out of our community may do. 



I'm currently employed by a National organisation and also freelance for several others, solely providing all their in-house design work. I'm confident taking on and managing large projects through to small personal jobs – you name it, I can design it, have it printed and delivered... Plus I'm a mum to an energetic 11 year old and a bub under 1 so I can multi-task with the best of them ;)



I pride myself on providing high-quality, visually perfect material. Rest assured I won't stop until I know you're 100% satsified and happy with the job. I'll also keep an eye on spelling, grammar, etc and let you know if I spot anything not quite right... While not really in a Graphic Designer's job description I LOVE it and I DETEST spelling errors! 



Have an idea in mind? Have a chat to me and I can bring your idea to reality, make it look great, organise the production/printing and have it delivered straight to you. Everything will be taken care of and organised without fuss so you can focus on what you know best – your own business.

Based in Moruya on the NSW South Coast, milc design caters for a wide range of clients – from small home businesses to large national companies.

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