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I don't work for free...

I work from home, which is SO convenient and it's awesome with kids and to be flexible BUT don't confuse me for a hobby business, I provide a professional design service. I am university trained, have over 14 years industry experience and am great at what I do (if I do say so myself haha!) Ask my clients if you doubt me ;)

One thing that grates on me is seeing logos offered for $50 or those offering 'cheap' design services. You know the drill... "you get what you pay for." I am by no means expensive, (I think I need to charge more to be honest), but I am more than reasonable, providing a professional service and you receive professional files upon completion (I've talked about this before... take a look here). You'll always know what you're up for and I quote you on each individual job. No problems if you want to go elsewhere, I won't be offended! BUT I won't match those online prices (reasons stated above), I provide a professional service and blah blah blah (no need for me to go on and on, you get my drift!)

If I do work for you, expect an invoice! If you decide not to go ahead with something, expect an invoice. I don't work for free. Would you go to a hairdresser get them to do the half a job and then say "nah I'll finish that" and not pay them? No. So don't expect the same from me.

Fortunately I am spoilt with great clients (like you!) 99% of the time! The introduction of my new process is simply to streamline my operations and ensure protection from my end. I have now implemented a new system, outlined in an easy-to-read chart, check it out here.

Some other exciting things coming up with Milc Design:

  • I'm working on some new wine label designs set to be released 1 December! I will be providing my valued clients a discount so keep an eye on your email for an exclusive pre-sale code, last year's designs are still available in limited quantity too

  • You may have noticed the logo change, I'm updating my branding, something that's been on the cards for a while, more to come...

  • I'm now on Instagram, jump online and follow me @milcdesign_moruya use #ilovemilc when tagging me <3

  • Milc Design is set to grow in 2019 – I'll be opening my books to more clients and upping my marketing

A note on Christmas: The Christmas period is looming and my books are filling up fast. If your job is currently with me you can be assured it will be finalised by Christmas break. If you anticipate needing anything please get in touch ASAP. Also happy to take bookings for the new year – I do love a prepared client! ;)

As always, I value client feedback, get in touch if you like :)

Lindsay x

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